mds screening test

2021 mds screening test

The 2021 MDS Screening rescheduled test is slated to hold on Wednesday, 1st December, 2021 by 11am WAT on the foundation’s website The screening is designed to be a Computer Based Test (CBT), this means that candidates shall provide answers to questions using their computers/smart devices through a special portal that will be hosted on the foundation’s website within a specific time limit.

A mail will be sent 24hours to the scheduled test containing a unique login details for each candidates. These details are unique to you and should not be sheared with anyone as such action will compromise to chances of seating for the test.


  1. It’s best to use a laptop or a desktop to take this examination. In the absence of these, a good smart phone can suffice.
  2. Ensure to have a strong internet connection.
  3. We recommend the use of a browser that allows easy navigation. Example, Google Chrome or Opera.
  4. Ensure you are seated at least 30 minutes before the examination time to test your internet connection.
  5. MALPRACTICE IS HIGHLY PROHIBITED. That is, the use of foreign materials, impersonation, involvement of a second party and stepping away from your device once the examination has started. Candidates are expected to independently seat for this examination as the entire process will be closely monitored by our Tech team to detect malpractice. Defaulting candidates will be immediately disqualified.
  6. Candidates are advised to read the specific instructions before each section carefully.
  7. You will be required to answer 40 questions within 1hr. 05min.
  8. The screening shall cover basic O levels curriculum which includes and not limited to: Mathematics, English language and General knowledge.
  9. The questions shall be in two forms: Objective and essay questions. These questions are designed to test candidate’s comprehension skills, writing skills and basic understanding.
  10. Successful candidates shall be contacted via email for the next phase of the screening process.

Please Note.

  • Candidates should regularly check the mail box to ensure timely access to information. If the mail is not seen, kindly check your spam mail and authenticate the mail as genuine, so as to receive subsequent mails in your inbox.
  • The foundation WILL NEVER ask any candidate to pay any FEE to anyone whatsoever for any reason related to My Dream Scholarship.